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Creepy Halloween Cake

Creepy Halloween Cake

| On 28, Oct 2014

With Halloween just around the corner I thought I’d show you how to make a simple pumpkin cake with a friendly spider.

DSC08298 web

You will need:


1. Round cake sponges can be made using round cake tins or bundt tins, the latter could be good if you use one like the one below. This way, when you sandwich them together you have readymade grooves that make your pumpkin shape for you.

I didn’t have a bundt tin so I used two round cake tins, these were small 6 inch tins. I sandwiched them together to create a sphere and covered the whole cake with a thin layer of buttercream.

DSC08264 web

2. I then rolled out pieces of sugar paste into sausages and placed on the cake at intervals around the cake. This is a simple and quick way to get grooves. If you felt confident you could cut shallow grooves into the cake instead with a small knife or as I explained before you could have ready-made grooves if you used the bundt tin.

 DSC08265 web

3. Next, roll out the orange sugar paste into a circle approximately 4mm thick. It really needs to be large enough to drape over the cake and touch the rolling mat, no bigger.

DSC08268 web

4. Smooth the paste over the top half of the cake to ensure the paste is adhering, trim any excess of with a pair of scissors.

DSC08269 web

5. Use your hands to smooth the paste under the cake to the board and trim excess off with a knife.

DSC08274 web

6. Use the green sugar paste to make the stalk and vines for the pumpkin. The stalk was a round piece of paste made into a cone shape and the vines were made from thin sausages of paste as below.

 DSC08280 web

I made a few leaves by cutting out a heart shape from rolled out sugar paste, making veins in the leaf with a craft knife.

7. I added tones and highlights to the cake with edible coloured dusts. I applied green and brown to the stalk and orange and green to the grooves of the pumpkin.

DSC08281 web

DSC08283 web

8. To create a base for the pumpkin I applied a thin layer of buttercream and covered in chocolate cake crumbs to resemble dirt.

 DSC08285 web

DSC08286 web

9. Place the pumpkin towards the back of the board to allow space for the spider decoration to sit at the front.

DSC08287 web

10. To make the spider use crispy treats to make a ball for the spider’s body. Mine are home made so looks a little bumpy when covered in sugar paste – but as we are covering the body it shouldn’t matter.

DSC08252 web

11. Roll out enough black paste to cover the rice crispy body.

DSC08255 web

DSC08256 web

12. Smooth the paste around it and trim off the excess from the bottom.

DSC08257 web

Roll out small balls of paste and roll over one side of the ball to make it into a tear drop shape, as below.

DSC08258 web

You will need to keep making these to cover the body of the spider.

DSC08262 web

Keep going until all the body is covered, starting from the back work forward. The whole body needs to be covered except for two small spaces at the front where I will place the eyes. These are made from small balls of black and white sugar paste layered up to make googly eyes.

Spider eyes (1)

13. To make the legs, bend pipe cleaners as below and push into the spider’s body.

DSC08288 web

DSC08289 web

14. To finish the spider make two small pointed cones from red sugar paste to make fangs.

15. Using black sugar paste roll out rounds and sausages as below to make the elements for the face of the pumpkin. Attach them to the pumpkin using water and a paint brush.

DSC08291 web

16. Place the spider on the board next to the pumpkin.

DSC08292 web

17. Next I take the skull mould from the Halloween edition of My Cake Decorating magazine, dust it with a little icing sugar and push in enough sugar paste to fill the mould. Roll over the back of the mould to push the paste into all the detail of the mould. Use a small knife to trim off the excess paste and tip the skull out. If you are finding this difficult put it in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes to firm up. This I placed on the board next to the pumpkin, you could add a few if you like.

DSC08319 web

DSC08320 web

18. Using yellow modelling paste and small letter cookie cutters make the word Halloween and when dry, you can attach it standing up by adding a little royal icing to the cake board.

DSC08295 web

DSC08310 web

DSC08298 web

Cakes by JoJo

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