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The Handbag – Tutorial

| On 27, Mar 2013

The Handbag Video

Before you read the Tutorial, make sure you watch the video!


Some of the tools that will be useful:

- Gold dust or gold paint
- Edible glue
- Aligator Mat
- Oval Cutter
- Round Cutter
PME Craft Knife & Insertion Blade Tool OR PME Disposable Craft Knife
- Wheel / Stitching tool
- Black Florist Paste 
- White Florist Paste
- Black Sugar Paste (fondant): E.g. use Renshaw Regal Icing-Jet Black 5kg  OR 250g
- Wooden skewers
- Extruder
- Edible glaze spray (optional)

The Handbag Tutorial

First make your favourite sponge.

Layer, fill, stack and carve your sponge to the required shape.

Crumb coat with buttercream or ganache.

Apply a thin layer of fondant as a base coat.  Cover each end separately and cover the front and back in one piece.

Roll out another end piece and use a texture mat to create a pattern if you wish, by pressing firmly all over with a rolling pin or smoother.

Attach an end piece, using cool boiled water or edible glue. Repeat for the other end.


Measure a piece of fondant to fit the front of the bag and texture it. Attach as for the end pieces. Do the same for the back of the bag overlapping slightly at the top.


Use the stitching tool to mark a line around the whole bag approx. 1/3rd down from the top.

Make two slits in each end for the straps. Enlarge slightly and use the stitching tool to mark the detail.

Using an extruder, attach a bead of paste to cover the joins at each end of the bag.

Measure and cut out fondant for the flap. This should extend about a third of the way down the bag on the front and back. Measure in approx. 1/3rd from each end and cut out a rectangle of fondant to fit over the handles. Attach with water or glue as before.

Cut two small strips for the side straps, Texture and add stitching detail before attaching with edible glue.

Push wooden skewers into your cake where the handles will be inserted. Cut out two strips for the front of the bag. These need to be the same width as the paste you will cut to cover your handles. Texture and attach to the bag in line with the skewers. Mark on the stitching detail. Repeat for the back of the bag

Cut a piece of thin plastic tubing slightly longer than the length you want the handles to be. Slide down over the skewers and push slightly into the cake. Mark the position they go into the cake on each end of the tube.

Take off the tubing and measure between your marks. Add approx. 4 inches and cut a strip of gumpaste this length. Apply edible glue along one edge, leaving two inches at each end without glue.

Position the plastic tubing onto the paste in line with your glue strip and, beginning from one end, carefully fold the paste over the tubing and press down to seal.

Do this from end to end and then smooth out the paste by rubbing it with your finger, making sure it is sealed all the way along.

Run the stitching wheel along the pasted-over tube to mark the detail, then turn it over and do the same on the other side.

Pick up the handle and position the tubing over the wooden skewers and ease it down gently into position, so that a small section of the tubing at each end goes into the cake. Position the unglued section at each end to line up with the straps and cut off the excess. Apply a little glue underneath and press gently to stick them down. Run the stitching wheel along the three edges to add details.

To make the padlock, mould a small piece of gumpaste into a wedge shape. Mark the screw holes with a piping tip and a sharp knife. Make a slit for the keyhole with a knife. Paint the end with gold paint, I use dust mixed with vodka.

Cut a piece of paste twice the height you want the padlock cover to be. Position the padlock very slightly protruding over the bottom edge and stick down with edible glue. Brush a little glue on the top of, and either side of, the padlock and fold the paste down in half to enclose it. Cut out the shape of the cover and mark stitching detail along the two long edges.  For the strap that attaches it to the handle, cut a thin strip of paste and mark stitching detail along each edge. Loop around the handle and glue in place.

To make the badge, cut an oval of gum paste. Measure to the centre line and make two marks each side with a small circle cutter or piping tip and knife for the screw holes. Use the piping tip to cut out two circles in line with the screw holes, and use a sharp knife to cut away the paste between the holes.

To make the lock, cut out a circle of gumpaste and then cut a smaller circle out of the middle. Glue a small length of dried spaghetti through one side. Leave to dry and then paint the badge and lock gold.

Tip To achieve a nice sheen on the finished cake, use a soft pastry brush to apply a thin layer of Trex all over the bag and then buff off with kitchen paper. But to avoid marking, you need to wait 24 hours before doing this, to give the fondant time to set. If you want a high shine use an edible glaze spray.


By Cake Designer Sandra Mitchell, from Kingfisher Cakes.

Will you try to make your own handbag? Share your experience with us in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!


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  • Dawn Long

    WOW! That is amazing and you make it look so easy. I think i might actually give it a go sometime. Thank you for the tutorial :)

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    awesome! Thanks for the tutorial!

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    que de talent <3

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    wow!!!! thank you for share

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    It is fantastic

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  • nikki

    I have a question, what size cakes did you start out with?

  • Robert Herrmann

    Thanks for sharing your creative post with us.

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    Hi! Could you please advise where you got the plastic tubing from?

  • Manish Dwivedi

    great, work!! i liked it completely.
    Designer birthday cakes


  • lisa

    Hi just admiring your mulberry bag tutorial,fabulous x what size cakes are you starting with thanks xlisa

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    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent! If you don’t mind a couple questions, what exactly us thus tubing that you use in the handle and what size cake did you start with?

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    Thanks for sharing the information.i like the Chanel Vintage Tote Bag.