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Valentines Ruffle Cake

| On 12, Feb 2015

This tutorial shows you a simple technique to make ruffles. I have used them here to make a heart to decorate a cake and some biscuits. Once you learn the basic technique you can cover whole cakes with ruffles which is very pretty too.

DSC09042 - web

You Will Need:
- Cake covered in your choice of colour
- Coloured sugarpaste to make frills
- Strip cutter
- Non- stick board
- Non- stick rolling pin
- Cone tool or cell stick
- Pizza wheel
- Heart Cutter
- Paintbrush/ Edible glue
- CMC or Gum Tragacanth


Step by Step Method:

1. To prepare your paste so it is firm enough to frill, add 1/4 tsp of CMC to the paste and knead in. Set aside for 10 minutes for the gum to activate. This makes the paste a little stretchy so you can frill the edges without tearing. If it doesn’t feel firm after 10 minutes add a little more CMC and knead in. You will feel it get harder to work between your hands, it is now ready.

2. Cover your cake in your chosen colour to compliment your frills. Here I used two tiers and decided on a black and pink theme.

DSC09001 web

3. If you want to make a piece to add to a cake or top a biscuit you will first need to cut the shape you require to frill from some of the strengthened sugarpaste you prepared earlier. Here I am using a heart shape.

DSC09005 web

4. Roll the strengthened paste to about 2mm thick and use a strip cutter to make strips of paste to create the frills from.

DSC09008 web

Lay the first strip on the non-stick board and applying even pressure roll the tip of a cone/ball tool along one edge. You may need to lift the tool every few centimetres or rock backwards and forwards to get the desired frill effect. Apply gentle pressure so you don’t tear or rip the edge. Lift the strip up and turn round. You can now frill along the other side.

DSC09006 web

5. Next fold the strip in half.

DSC09007 web

6. Using a paintbrush dab some water or edible glue in the middle of the heart. Place the tip of the frilled strip fold side down onto the glue and wind it around itself to make the centre of the frill.

DSC09009 - web

DSC09010 web

7. Make the next strip using the same process and start winding around the centre bud starting where the last end finished, overlapping slightly.

8. Keep adding strips until the centre fills the fondant shape. Then start adding in short strips on the one side to fill out the heart and then fill in the other side. This can be seen more clearly in the cookie pictures below.

DSC09012 web

DSC09014 - web

8. This process can be adapted to cover biscuits or cookie pops as you can see in the following pictures. Start with the sugarpaste shape placed on a biscuit. Brush it first with water or stock syrup so the sugarpaste sticks.

 DSC09015 - web

DSC09018 - web

DSC09019 web

DSC09020 - web

9. Put the finished ruffle heart to one side to dry, it can be attached to the cake later with some royal icing.

10. To decorate the base cake I used strips of food grade acetate taped to the side of the cake leaving thin gaps in between that I painted with a paste of edible gold powder and isopropyl. Once dry I gently peeled back the strips to reveal the stripes. Alternatively you can cut thin strips of sugar paste and stick them to the cake and then paint these gold (carefully!)

11. To make the letters for the top I first wrote out the word I wanted on a piece of paper. I then covered the paper with greaseproof paper to build my letters upon using the handwriting beneath as a guide.

DSC09025 - web

12. To make the letters I used flower paste as it can be rolled thinly and dries quickly and firmly. I cut the flower paste using the strip cutter as before. I then cut each strip in half again using a pizza wheel so the letters weren’t too thick.

 DSC09028 - web

DSC09026 - web

13. I curled the end of my first strip and worked the paste around the handwritten letter beneath as my guide. I repeated with the next strip and letter and attached new letter to the first by dabbing a little water with a paintbrush so they stuck together. Continue until all the letters are made, making sure the bases of each letter are in a straight line so it will stand straight when it is dry. Leave the word on the board to dry and firm up so you can pick it up and stand it on the cake.

DSC09031 - web

14. Stack the two cakes and add ribbons if you want to finish them neatly. Attach the word to the top cake using edible glue or a small amount of royal icing.

DSC09055 - web

DSC09057 - web

DSC09053 - web

DSC09045 - web

DSC09042 - web

The same strip cutter and ruffle techniques can be used to make ruffle cakes like the ones below.

I hope you have a lovely Valentines Day if you are celebrating!

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